Fortnite can be found at the Snowmando outposts that are now appearing across the map

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After nearly two years of being vaulted, planes are once again available in Fortnite, and many players will undoubtedly want to take one for a spin as soon as they can. Before fans can go airborne, though, they will first need to find a plane that they can use, and the way that is done may not be immediately obvious. Fortunately, there are number of places where planes can spawn in Fortnite Season 5, and this guide will detail all of them.

To put things simply, the planes in Fortnite can be found at the Snowmando outposts that are now appearing across the map. These outposts are connected to the ongoing Operation Snowdown challenges, and there are five of them in total. While players are likely to encounter some of the Snowmando outposts through standard gameplay, here is a map highlighting all of their locations for those fans that would like one:Continue Scrolling To Keep ReadingClick the button below to start this article in quick view.START NOW

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To note, Snowmando outposts appear to be quite unstable at the time of writing, and Fortnite players should not be extremely surprised if these structures, and the associated planes, are not present in their matches. This is something that is likely to be fixed by developer Epic Games relatively soon, and fans may want to hold off on putting a great deal of time toward finding a plane until that occurs. However, players that really want to take to the skies can simply try entering new matches until they are able to find an outpost.

It is also worth mentioning that planes in Fortnite are not in unlimited supply, as only a few of them will appear at the outposts. As such, players that are on the hunt for one of v bucks generator these aircrafts should make sure that they land directly at a Snowmando outpost at the beginning of their matches. While doing this will not guarantee that the fan gets access to a plane, it will give them the best chance at securing one.

That said, not all is lost for those players that do not find a plane when visiting a Snowmando outpost, as they can make some progress on a new Fortnite challenges while they are the area. This challenge centers around searching the chests that can appear in these structures, and fans will need to do that five times before they finish the task. For those players that are interested in efficiency, it is optimal to loot the chest at each of the outposts only once, as there is also a challenge that requires fans to visit all five locations.