Fortnite’s v13.40 patch has arrived

Fernando - August 6, 2020 - Uncategorized /

Fortnite’s v13.40 patch has arrived, and with it, the long-awaited arrival of a bunch of different types of cars, which opens up a huge variety of possibilities in gameplay, and I would not be surprised to see loads of races in the game’s future.

Fortnite is actually starting to give out very, very brief patch notes now, so here’s what Epic has to say about the recent additions to this game.

The Joy Ride Update

While cars have been sitting around the Fortnite map for years now, this is the first time we can actually start driving them. There are a few different cars out there to try, from muscle cars to semi trucks, and each drive differently from one another, as you might imagine. The cars also require fuel, which means you have to stop at gas stations for actual gas now, not just loot.

Radio StationsRecommended For You

As part of the cars update, there are now radio stations you can tune within those cars. Yes, Fortnite v bucks generator is gunning for those GTA V vibes, I guess. Epic has also made it possible to have your radio only play copyright-free music if you are a Twitch streamer or YouTuber who doesn’t want to get strikes against them for the stations that do play “dangerous” music.

Fortnite EPIC

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Summer Splash and Party Royale

Just some reminders about ongoing events. Summer Splash has Gungame and One Shot LTMs. Party Royale is welcoming Japanese artist Kenshi Yonezu to the stage on Friday in a “video premiere event,” which sounds different than the recent EDM shows. Again, Epic warns against possible copyright strikes for that event.

Coral Castle and Ancient Ship

Since Coral Castle showed up earlier this week, Epic is simply reminding people that it exists as a new POI. It’s where the giant whirlpool used to be. Also, don’t forget about the Ancient Astronaut spaceship challenges, now that the water has lowered in the north of the map. Epic doesn’t mention these in the notes because I suppose it’s meant to be a secret

Bug Fixes

Fixes include:

  • The slow glider bug
  • Dropping a weapon to insta-reload
  • Controller bugs on PC, among others.

But yeah, as I said, the cars update is obviously the biggest chunk of this. We are in week 8 of challenges as of tomorrow, and so far as we know, the end of this season has not been delayed or extended like the last two have yet, though I would be a little surprised if that doesn’t happen, given the COVID work from home issues that have delayed things all across the industry. Stay tuned.