travel to each location and search a wrench to finish the challenge

Fernando - April 26, 2020 - Uncategorized /

It’s a good old-fashioned item hunt. We don’t see too m any of these in the game these days, but it’s somewhat appropriate that Epic would save this particular challenge for Midas, the boss of our little spy agency and one slick-looking fellow. Up this week are golden pipe wrenches, and they are scattered to the wind across the fortnite v buck generator map. It would be pretty difficult to do this without a guide, but luckily, you’ve got one. Read on for a map, guide and location for where to search 5 different golden pipe wrenches in Fortnite.

For the rest of Midas’ Mission, click here. For where to visit greasy Graves, the Hayman and The Agency in a single match, click here.

The only thing governing where these things are found is an affinity for pipes, but that doesn’t narrow things down a whole lot: this remains a difficult challenge to figure on your own. They’re mostly on the periphery of the map, so you’re going to have a hard time getting them all in one shot. Best to drop in, grab one, and then try for the next one in a different match. Let’s go to the map:


And here’s where they are:

  • At the tippy top of Lockie’s lighthouse
  • At the base of the pipe structure in the Shanty Town
  • In the hand of the Pipe Man in the south
  • On a pipe coming out of a building in the northeastern part of Steamy Stacks
  • On the western side of Dirty Docks, down at the bottom of some pipes in a pit

So you’ve got to travel to each location and search a wrench to finish the challenge: it’s a bit of a slog, but this week also has a “search chests in different matches” challenge, which is a bit of a slog as well. Make sure to grab a chest once you land to fill both challenges, and then load up another lobby to try again. You’ll get it quickly enough.

Once you’re done, it’s on to Midas’ loyalty challenge, and then its time to get ready for the Travis Scott concert. It’s a busy time here in Fortnite v bucks generator, so get your ducks in a row before showtime. Check back soon, because I have a feeling this spy season has osme ore tricks in store.